Backup and Restore My Website

October 31, 2013     0 comments

From your cPanel (, look under the heading "Files" for a linked called "Backups."

This feature allows you to created a compressed copy of your entire site (or parts of your site) to download to your local computer or file server.  The following are backed up and included in the ZIP file by default:

  • All files in the Home Directory
  • All MySQL Databases
  • Email forwarders configuration
  • Email filters configuration
It's a good idea to make your own periodic backups, especially if you're planning a major update or change to your website, database or email configuration which might hose the server.

If anything goes wrong, you are still able to access your cPanel (link above) go to "Backups" under the "Files" heading and click "Restore."  You'll upload the ZIP backup you want to restore from and bob's your uncle.

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