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Here's the quick version of how to install WordPress on your jHost hosting package.  For more customized installation instructions, please see the WordPress Codex.

Download the Unzip WordPress from

Create a Database for WordPress:

  1. Login to your jHost cPanel (
  2. BTW, you might want to keep all the following user/pass information somewhere safe as you go.
  3. Under "Databases", click "mySQL Database Wizard"
  4. Give your database a name (Note: it'll actually be that whole thing "username_databasename")
  5. Create a database username (Note: it'll actually be the whole thing, "username_databaseusername")
  6. Give it a STRONG password (make it really, really strong)
  7. Click "Create User"
  8. Click "All Privileges" and click "Next Step"

Awesome!  Your database for WordPress is setup in just seconds.  Next up, let's setup an FTP account.

Setup FTP Account (if not done already)
  1. Assuming you're still in cPanel, click the "Home" icon at the top-left
  2. Under "Files" you'll see "FTP Accounts", click that
  3. Enter a username where it says "Login"
  4. NOTE: your actual username will be "" (that whole thing)
  5. Enter a "strong" password (twice)
  6. Make sure the Directory is "public_html/" and not "public_html/username".  If it is, just delete "username"
  7. Set your quota to "unlimited"
  8. Click "Create FTP Account"
The account will be setup in seconds.

Now, all you have to do is fire up your favorite FTP client and configure according to the domain name, username, and password you just setup.  We've gone ahead and put together instructions for the following FTP clients:
Greatness!  Now let's upload and install WordPress.

Copy ALL the unzipped files out of the WordPress folder you unzipped earlier to the local directory on your machine (the one you setup for FTP).

Upload the whole darn thing.  It'll take a little while.  Go have a coffee.

Once uploaded, just fire up your favorite browser and go to your website (, or whatever).

WordPress will say something like, "There doesn't seem to be a wp-config.php file.  Would you like to create one?"  Click the big button that says, "Create a Configuration File."

It'll give you a list of the things you'll need.  Don't worry, you've already got them all.  All that work before includes everything you need to install WordPress.  Click "Run the Install."

  1. Enter the Database Name you created during the mySQL Database Wizard. (remember, it'll be something like username_databasename)
  2. Enter the Database Username you created (remember, it'll be something like username_databaseusername)
  3. Enter the database password you setup
  4. The database host is "localhost".  On jHost servers, the database host is ALWAYS "localhost"
  5. The table Prefix doesn't matter much, but for security reasons, enter something other than the default.  Something like "wptaco_", "wpham_", "wpmydb_", whatever.  Anything is better than the default for security reasons (defaults are easy to guess for hackers).
  6. Click "Submit"
Setup Your First User
WordPress is now installed.  All you have to do is give your site a name, and set the username and password for the first user.  You can always add more users later.

You're done!  Did it take you about 5 minutes?  Ok, so maybe more like 10 minutes...

If you have any trouble, submit a support ticket.  If you just don't want to do it at all, jHost's professional services team is happy to just do it all for you and send you all the login info.  More details on Professional WordPress Installation here.

Up, up and away!

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