FTP with FileZilla

October 31, 2013     0 comments

If you haven't already, you can download FileZilla for free from their site.

After you've downloaded and installed FileZilla, double click the icon to launch the program.  Then,

  1. Open the Site Manager, from the File menu.
  2. Click the New Site button.
  3. Enter the setup information for your FTP account.
  4. Type in a site name (anything descriptive will do)
  5. Host: Enter your Domain Name. e.g. example.com
  6. Port: 21 (the default FTP port)
  7. Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  8. Encryption: Use plain FTP
  9. Logon type: Normal
  10. User: This is your username. (e.g. username@yoursite.com)
  11. Password: (the FTP account password you setup via cPanel)
  12. Click "OK"
Once complete, click 'Connect' to connect to the server.

Due to different firewalls, some people experience problems with FTP. To fix this problem, try using "Passive Mode."

Click Edit >> Select "Settings" and then Click "Passive Mode". 

Passive Mode" is found underneath Connection in the left hand window. In the Passive mode settings window (right side), click the Use the server's external IP address instead if it is currently not marked. If you connect to our server and get disconnected quickly, this is the solution.

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